Shift Deck

Use the shift deck in the work place

The Shift Deck has been used in various companies around the country with great success. Whenever there is a sense of “it’s not funny,” egos get entrenched and can spend a lot of time proving who is more right. This is the perfect time to create a shift so that creative collaboration can resume. Meetings that were previously dreaded now can be a source of fun!

Use the shift deck with your children
• When your child wants to complain or blame, ask them to pull a shift card.
• If two children are bickering, have them each pull a card until they create a shift with one another.
• If you and your child are caught in an interlock, each of you pull a card until you can let go of wanting to be “right”. If the whole family is involved in the drama, have everyone pull a card. One of our favorite quotes comes from a 10 year old who said, “Can we have another family fight so that we can use the Shift Deck?”
• Rather than a punishment, have your child pull a card so that they can get an opportunity to be fully expressed and learn something about how they are creating their results.

For couples
Instead of repeating the same argument, do something different and pull a shift card. Both of you keep taking a turns until you can feel a new sense of connectedness and relaxation in your body. All complainers and blamers have to pull a card and you definitely have to pull one if you have the thought, “It’s not funny!” A therapist told us that she sends couples home with the cards and has them use them between sessions and has seen significant shifts with the couples who choose to use them.

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